Online Consultation

Video consultation services provide convenience for patients

In order to take care of people with vision, hearing, cognitive or physical disabilities, it is easy to browse the website and get more information. Design a barrier-free webpage in accordance with the W3G International Alliance.




The solutions we provide:

  • Add a description to the picture, so that the visually impaired can use the screen reader to listen to the content of the photo.
  • Provide health information through video, one-stop services such as manuscript writing, photographic recording, editing, subtitles, etc.
  • A clear and structured accessible webpage can improve search results and reach more potential customers

Optimization results:

  • Improve social responsibility. Treat the able-bodied and disabled people equally.
  • Adopt good design and coding technology to facilitate long-term maintenance and save time and money.
  • Search engines are optimized for content keywords, making it easier for online advertising to find websites.
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