Improvement in the workflow

Clinic Management System
for Electronic Health Record

 Managing clinics at multiple locations






Custom Kiosk Solutions

Utilise Self-service Technology

 For Retail shops, restaurants and public space and Integration with e-payment



Membership Booking and Eform System

Help you improve efficiency

 activities booking

 track results

 data analysis








Ageing in Place Continuum of Care

Community Care Service System

 Create Service Plan and Job Assignment

 Reducing manual processes, increasing productivity





Clinic Management System

Integration with online booking

Perfect flow for dispensing chemist

Optimize patient experience in well-rounded process

Data analytics to help for better decisions

Increase healthcare delivery efficiency


Self-service System

Tailor-made kiosk solution

Suitable for all kind of industrial

Integration with e-payment

Integration with bar code scanner and ticket printer


Membership Eform System

Flexible registration of member information

Mobile phone download electronic form

Various electronic form formats

Data chart analysis

Suitable for different industries


Professional Web Design

A clean layout with contrasting color button

We understand your target audience

Clear Navigation

High rank keywords of search engines

Impactful website


Web Accessibility

Accessible design improves overall user experience

Provide equal access and equal opportunity to everyone

Benefits individuals, businesses, and society

Our Web Accessibility design help enhance your brand, drive innovation, and extend your market reach


Membership EForm System

Reduce paper waste


Home Care System

A system that comprehensively supports community care for the elderly makes it easy to deploy manpower and arrange services.


Mobile POS with credit card payment

A unique platform to combine both Financial POS and Business Applications


Clinic Management System

A Clinic Management System seamlessly integrate your business operations across departmental units.


Self-Service Kiosks

The system acts like virtual employees, it collects and delivers information quickly and consistently without human intervention and reduces workload on staff.

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