Mobile POS with credit card payment

A unique platform to combine both Financial POS and Business Applications


Attended Case - Restaurant – POS+ Ordering+ Payment

SmartPOS A8 terminals can be used for unattended (Self-service) shopping or attended solutions such as food ordering and hotel check-out. The O2O terminal supports mobile payment method: Visa, Master, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, WeChat Pay, Alipay and membership management system.

For enhanced customer service, O2O terminals support pay-by-mobile service and membership management. Customers can store credit to their online account and make payments via QR code or membership card to save checkout time. Equipped with remote management software for digital signage applications, O2O terminals enable managers to remotely dispatch interactive advertisements and set content delivery schedules to enhance the efficacy of promotional messages.

By one single device, the merchants can process credit card and e-wallet based transactions and manage any sell-in store activities. Smart POS is an end-to-end point of sale management solution that can be used in any retail environment.





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