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Clinic Management System

Main Features

 Booking Management

In order to make better arrangement for patient to check in the therapy or consultation room, you can setup the booking quota for each timeslot, keep your schedule filled for easily checking the timeslot is fully booked or not.

Each reservation date is linked with Employee Holidays Management, you can view the information of holidays for doctor or healthcare worker on the same booking page, ensure patient has provided services for their visit.

 Multi Centers Clinic

To manage your chain of clinics effectively, a single Clinic Management System should allow you to share or not share the data between the clinics, but it can provide the flexibility to track all your data to have better control on the operations.

Our Clinic Management System can provide the consolidated reports and also the separate financials like revenue, expense, inventory for each clinic management.

A web-based server could be installed at your center or our cloud platform, it helps you to get real time data everywhere and anytime. With database encryption and data during transmission, the confidential or proprietary information will be transferred over a secure channel.

 Electronic Health Record

Electronic Health Record (EHR) increase workforce capacity, clinicians and clinic staffs will free up more time for patient care and clinical outcomes, reducing duplicate tests and therefore, dramatically increase healthcare delivery efficiency.

The EHR keep track radiology results, treatment and medical histories, all patient-centralised records that make information available instantly and allow authorized users to access the information securely.

Via further technological innovations, it can enhance the business operations across departmental units – front desk, pharmacy, treatment room and backend management support in a much more efficient and coordinated manner.

 Pharmacy Management

Since the medical information is accessible by different departmental units, the electronic prescription could be retrieved by the pharmacist and allows doctors to send the new refills directly into the pharmacy management system.

It could improve the pharmacy workflow and departmental coordination to deliver more accurate and efficient pharmaceutical products with a higher level of quality assurance. In addition, for minimizing dispensing errors, the billing system is real time checking the incomplete prescription in order to provide the accurate medicines to the patients.

 Smart Billing System

To make the errors are discovered during counseling and are corrected before the patient leaves the clinic, the usability should be a major feature for evaluation.

The system provides corporate customer profiles for recording billing addresses, credit limit, etc. With function of down payment, monthly statement and settlement for AR invoices, you don’t need to worry about chasing and processing payment.

 Inventory Management

The system allows you to keep tracking of a large amount of inventory, including medical equipment, health and wellness products. SKU including medicines can install the bar code system for inputting stock-in and out. Inventory report provides detail stock movement records like patient name, supplier name with multi locations.

The last purchase cost helps you to predict the cost variance and review the selling price. To assist in inventory management workflows should be a priority for health systems, it’s not only record and manage all stocks required for your daily operations, also helps you to save time effort to manage the whole clinic’s inventories.

 Treatment Package Management

Treatment Package Management delivers different service plan with expiry date for managing patient’s care packages. The package can be set up by quantity of the services or unit of services to be provided.

With treatment package management, the clinic will get higher degree of paperless and reduces the administrative load for service plan, and providing insights for client budgets, schedules and statements.

 Employee Holidays Management

Instead of complex roster and scheduling, an employee holidays management is just good for managing their day-off information on booking system, the dashboard can show you the clear view by each date and ensure patient has ensure patient has provided services for their visit.

 Graphical Data Analysis

Graphical Data Analysis provide simple and straightforward way of analyzing sales data, the relationship for patient age group and treatments.

Also, the graph algorithms can help you to find the new information from previously collected data, and more focus on the relationships between entities.

 Great Support

Healthcare always suffers from massive information, a software vendor who can provide attention and hear your voice is very important. Since we know the delayed responses will cause workflow interruption, so we are reachable by multiple methods to ensure that your problem doesn’t stop workflow any longer than necessary.

We have specialists who are familiar with healthcare industry to provide training to your employees. The training database will use your real data to make sure your employees have best practices, no need to spend more time by reference the user manual.


Value-added Features

 Online Booking

The online booking systems can have online scheduler, booking quota and the web-based application provides patient requests their appointment by PC, smartphone and tablet devices.

The system will send out the confirmation automatically and also records it in the Clinic Management System automatically. The staff can save time on taking phone call for booking and input the booking details, at the same time, patients can also save time to calling the clinic.

 Mobility Solution

The mobility application for clinicians to view the patient list and input the information of diagnosis, physicians can use the mobile devices to record data about the treatment with minimal efforts. After the completion of therapy, they can update the status of the treatment and the therapy room will be free up automatically. All the data could be stored in the Cloud database server for further analysis.

Also, in traditional way, new patients have to manually fill out paper of registration form and the sheer volume of paperwork is immense. By using the digitalizing new patient registration, this has reduced the time for back and forth checking the paper by front desk staff and reducing liability for your practice too.


A simple meeting with a trusted health care provider goes a long way.

Telemedicine, which enables video between a patient and the doctor, benefits both safe, your doctor can use technology to communicate without being in the same room and accessible solution when you have questions about your illness, health or symptoms you may be experiencing.

 Accounting Module

The accounting module refers to solutions that process employee expenses, pay supplier invoice and creation of financial statements. The function for saving and reusing recurring Journal entries can reduce the time cost for monthly regular Journal entries.

Moreover, you can analysis different project of your product or investments by project analysis function in the accounting module.

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