Golden Mean™

Clinic Management System


Golden Mean™ Clinic Management System has simple interface and easy to use. A customizable software designed for serve clinics, health centres, rehabilitation centers, physiotherapy centres, et cetera to improve patient care workflow and operation coordination.

The web-based server system with mobile apps provides booking, electronic medical records, drugs and consumable products, treatment package,
billing and data security. It seamlessly integrates your business operations across departmental units, optimize patient experience and care services in
a well-rounded process.


  • Basic Package
    HK$ 1,500 / month
  • featured_play_list  Basic Features
  • people  2 Users
  • contact_phone  Unlimited Whatsapp Support
  • trending_up  Unlimited Upgrades
  • streetview   Free Training
  • Contact Us
  • Add-on's
  • insert_invitation  Online Booking
  • contacts  Distant Consultation
  • recent_actors  Corporate Patient Management
  • assessment Accounting & Financial Statements
  • person_pin Self Check-in Kiosk
  • settings_cell Mobile App
    • Diagnosis
    • Electronic Patient Registration Form
    • Health Declartion Form
  • Contact Us
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