Customer Loyalty Management System

Golden Mean™ CRM

We dedicate the establish Customer Loyalty Management System for the retail and service industry, Golden Mean™ Customer Loyalty Management System (LMS) directs your sales efforts towards the most profitable deals, With instant access to sales reports, promotion and auto- contacts, your sales people can focus on selling.

Getting quick analytical data to better know customers’ behavior, it tells you the trends of your members with the data collected in the system. For example, which kind of products is the most popular; the aspiration of members to collect bonus; which kind of gift are popular for redemption; highest sales and attendance by outlets, etc. With this information, you can set campaigns at the perfect time, targeting at the ideal members with the most attractive gifts for redemption.


Partial Function

  • Member Grading
  • Member Recruitment
  • Member Upgrade/Downgrade
  • Bonus Conversion by timetable
  • Redemption
  • Redemption Activity
  • Redemption Gifts Popularity
  • Spending Habits (By Time / Outlet /Age Groups)
  • Total Spending/ Average Spending
  • Ranking of Top Sales Product/Redemption Gift
  • Visit Frequency



  • Automatic Emails
  • Social Media Integration



  • Membership Cards Design
  • Integration with Mobile Application
  • Integration with Website
  • Integration with POS System
  • Integration with Kiosks
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