Self-Ordering System

Besides the traditional POS terminal, we also provide the self-ordering system by using Android ™ tablet or mobile.

The user friendly ordering flow with flexible template design prompts recommendation menu and makes suggestions for customers to order more.

For rush hours, your customers no longer need to wait for an available waiter or bar tender, you can provide speedier services for food delivery. Most importantly, customers will find fun in placing their own orders on our industrial grade tablet-Casio V-T500! Our self-ordering system is not only for Android tablet or mobile , it can be operating on the ipad and iphone too! 

In year 2018, by using our new fin-tech product SmartPOS A8 , your customer can enjoy the exclusive VIP services "Pay at the table" . No more waiting for the check, credit card slip or waiting for a staff to bring a bill or receipt to the table.

The special features include:

  • Separate help functions: 1) calling waiter for help and 2) calling waiter for billing
  • Clear and simple introduction for Help manual
  • User-friendly operation flow
  • Customers can check the placed order anytime
  • Customer Relationship Management System can be integrated, customers can apply for membership immediately
  • Interactive games can be provided for customers (e.g. lucky draw)
  • Survey for customers to comment on food and services that compliments with your marketing strategies and boost sales revenues


Casio V-T500 series of Android™ tablet was developed to provide support in a variety of business environments.

Special features include:

  • High capacity rechargeable battery that enables long hours of operation
  • SAM slot that supports a higher level of security
  • Ability to withstand drops from one meter
  • Dust and IP54 compliant splash-proof
  • Ability to operate in temperatures from -20°C to 50°C
  • Outstanding grip-ability provides comfortable operation even in slippery environments
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